Birmensdorf in Context

Birmensdorf with its 5000 inhabitants nestles on the sunny side of the Uetliberg - the opposite side to and about 7 km from Zurich. The first records relating to the village are written in Latin and date back to 876. The village center is around 470m above sea level (the 500m contour passes through Ruggen Strasse at number 28). The area of the Gemeinde of Birmensdorf is 1138 ha, the largest Gemeinde within the region (Bezirk) apart from Zurich City itself. Of this area, 722 ha is productive or built-up, 361 is forest, and 55 is unproductive and uncultivated ground.

View from the train station.




Schooling began as an entity to itself in Birmensdorf in the 17th Century. Before that it was combined with the church. Birmensdorf now has the Reppisch primary school (below left) and the Bruelmatt secondary school, each with its own playing fields and indoor sports facilities. There are several pre-primary schools dotted about the village.

The village has a reformed and a catholic church, and a well equipped "Gemeindezentrum" with library and multi-purpose rooms and facilities for diverse cultural activities. A small museum contains art works and memories of old Birmensdorf. The outdoor swimming pool caters for serious swimmers, families and children in a very attractive setting. The train station (below right) is included in the S-Bahn with half hourly train connections linking one to to Zurich's main station and to Zug.

Reppisch Primary School

Birmensdorf's Train Station



Residential Areas

The village is divided into a number of residential areas, but primarily two groups. The residential areas of the Reppisch valley and those of the Haslen-Sternen quarter on the hillside adjacent to Uitikon.

The home owners generally take a pride in their carefully layed out and well kept gardens. The architecture is varied from classical to various modern styles. For example, the local vetinary surgery and his home (below middle) bring a unique architectural style to the Ruggen area.

One of many well kept gardens

Vetinary Surgery

Water Fountain



Surrounding Countryside

Above the station, amongst farming land is a new residential area (below right). The new houses here offer pleasant views over the valley. Just above the Ruggen Quarter is a pretty forest (below left) that invites one for walks (some with their dogs) and runs. The run invitations often go unanswered by some of us...Also within easy reach of the Ruggen Quarter is the particularly attractive Wuerital, with its little natural lake and walkway.

Ruggen Quarter Forest

Residential Areas meet Farmlands



All photos (click on them for higher resolution) were taken in the summer of 1999