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Visit Ilkley - Home of the Browns for at least four generations in the seventeen and eighteen hundreds.



The Traditional Family Tree follows a single surname and hence, due to the traditional female adoption of the male surname, follows the male "gene-path". In terms of genetic heredity this does not make much sense because males do not play a larger role in passing on the genes. On the contrary, the offspring have, on average, slightly more genetic contribution from the mother than the father due to the fact that mitochondrial genes are passed on only by females. This raises the question whether it should not be the female that retains the surname in marriage. But this is another subject...

The Objective of this "Family Forest" is to find and map our relations and to add some context. This means 1) including relatives independent of surname (although for simplicity each tree does follow a surname line) and 2) adding a bit of family history.

Instructions - How to Navigate around the Forest

The typical structure of a tree is as shown below. The people in this chart are all descendants (second row = children, bottom row = grandchildren) of the couple in the top row. Only a section of the tree is shown at once because of limited screen space (the size is optimized for a screen resolution of 1024x768). Depending on the proliferation of offspring, and hence screen estate required, three or four generations may be displayed at one time. To see more you have to navigate.

Where only a surname is underlined, this usually provides a link to the parents of that person, ie further back in time. If this person is female, this clearly means jumping to another surname line.

Where a couple is underlined, a link is provided to the descendents of that couple, ie further forward in time. By clicking this, the couple become the top of the tree so more of their descendants are shown.

The generic tree structure:

Firstname Surname (DateBirth-DateDeath) married Firstname Surname (DateBirth-DateDeath)
Eldest Child (1) of the couple above married Firstname Surname
Next Eldest Child (2) m. Firstname Surname
Youngest Child (n) m. Firstname Surname
First Child of 1 (ie grandchild of the top couple) married Firstname Surname Next Child of (1) m. Firstname Surname
Next Child of (1) m. Firstname Surname
(If empty, child 2 had no children, or they are not known, or not yet entered)
First Child of (3) m. Firstname Surname
Next Child of (3) m. Firstname Surname


There may be some Information here, which will typically be mainly about the couple in the top row from whom the others descend.

To move horizontally to a part not shown, you have to navigate first up and then down the desired line.


Start - Choose a tree for your entry point

As the title says, this is just a starting point selection. As the below are all interlinked by blood or marriage, it is possible to navigate from any starting point to any other surname tree.

Altmann Armour Beechcroft
Bolli Brown Caney
Chadwick Colenbrander Duckett
Eckardt Friggens Graber
Green Ickeringill Kiggen
Martin McDonnald Neukom
Park Parratt Powell
Relling Regnier Rennie
Schneider Ward Wirrell






Thank you to the following for their contributions:


- Nick Brown.


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Last update: June 2007