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Some selected memories from 2000-2003






Arosa has always been one of our favourite winter spots


Chris helps tommy across a stream

Out for a meal on the mull. Cousins at play

A walk in the countryside at Carskiey

Extended family supper at Carskiey, Mull of Kintyre


The Colenbranders joined us on the second day at Disneyland, Paris

Disneyland Paris

The All-Saints Parish in Ilkley

Resting place of our great-great-great grandfather in the All-Saints Parish


Coming down from Scotland we visited Ilkley in Yorkshire

Interlaken is beautiful in summer

Tommy and Jenny get a kite going on the Islisberg

Mazuala Park next to the Zoo


Sightseeing in Paris

Top of the world

Winterland in Birmensdorf

Tommy photographs the birds on the Zurich lake


The roads in Switzerland are regularly dug up and refurbished in Summer






A walk alongside the Zurich lake is always pleasant when the sun shines.


This cosy little cottage was our home for a week in the spring in Braunwald.

The Wiestners visited and we took a walk with them to the Wuerital.

Pretty girl on an ugly wall: Jenny enjoys the view. Must do something about that wall

Management events have their lighter side.. such as the social get together afterwards.


That wall again: Getting around to doing something about it...

Another management event: A good sweat helps team they say.

Suisse Miniature:
This minature replica of Switzerland in the Tessin is worth a visit.

This hotel in the area of Antalya on the south coast of Turkey provided plenty of relaxation.


Of course we met up with other (Swiss) families in Turkey.

A Turkish Party on the boat the wine leads to merriment and song.

All right, now that is about enough of that..

A few days in Zermatt. No cars so it's pollution free, there are no end of nature walks...and of course there's the Matterhorn.

On the walks you undoubtedly encounter the odd obstacle course.

The glacial water is a chilly.






Hilly's brother, Felix, had a presentation to make at a psychiatric conference in Nice. So he stopped by for a few days.

When Felix arrives it is an opportunity for other family get togethers - here Alex and Felix junior

Extended Family Visit: Emma shows her way of descending the Rothorn

Best part of the Rothorn: the restaurant.

Dick ready to set off on the Rodelbahn

Gail at full tilt.

We spent a Sunday walking around this Insel Mainau. The flowers are spectacular..

Tommy's wish on his sixth birthday was to drive a boat on the lake...

We celebrated Hillys birthday at the Du Parc Restaurant for a little dinner. Coffee in the lounge afterwards

Axalp is one of Switzerland's little secrets. A small skiing resort ideally suited to families with small children.

Tom stood on skis for the first time at the beginning of our week in Axalp, and was skiing confidently by the end

Jenny entered her first competition, and brought home second prize

Fasnacht (Carnival) in Birmensdorf is a source of much fun. Tommy treats the spectators to a free confetti shower.

Jens Mielke, our friend from University days came by for a few days on the way to a WHO Conference. Visiting Pilatus.

Jenny playing in the Piano Festival at Affoltern am Albis. She played the Sonatina by Daniel Gottlieb Türk in the final.

Jenny and Tom speed down the slope at Ibergeregg






New Years Eve at the Wiestners'. Good food, wine, conversations, and games from "bop-it, twist-it, pull-it" to Jenga

Christmas Eve: We were joined by Hilly's mother and her brother, Alex Potocnic and his wife, Usnee and children, Felix and Sylvia.

Samichlaus: The bearded fellow visited us at home, much to the childrens' delight.

Main rehearsal of the Nativity Play put on by the Birmensdorf Sunday School in the Reformed Church. Jenny, played Mary. Tommy was greeted with murmers of "wie herzig" (how cute) from the audience.

Luzern: The first sunday of November. On our arrival, a ferry was leaving heading down the east side of the lake, so we hopped aboard.

Kerzenziehen: An annual event in Birmensdorf, we join in and make a few candles before Christmas. Soon we will have to open a candle shop...

Jenny had been wanting mice for some time, so when her birthday came around, we gave in. There are two males, Shadow, and Quizzy.

An excursion to Pilatus (one of the benefits of living near the mountains) is a good idea when blanketed by fog around Zurich..

David and Kirsten Tarjan and their children popped in on their bicycles to say hello one Sunday. We happened to be preparing a grill at the time...

Enjoying a scrumptuous meal with Renzo and Marianne.

A management seminar at Giessbach on the Brienz Lake.

Jens Mielke was invited to speak at the WHO Conference in Geneva on Epilepsy, a field in which he has specialised. We reminisced about university days and did the usual philosophising



Ligurian Trip: The French Riviera is well trodden, but two areas we had heard were worth a visit, but hadn't experienced were Piemont (mountainous north-western Italy) and Liguria (Italian coast-line from France to and beyond Genoa). It is the part south east of Genoa (Portofino area) which we found particularly interesting.

Three days in Disneyland Paris (also known as "Eurodisney") this summer were the childrens' delight.



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