Stop Smoking Assistant


Stop Smoking Assistant App for Symbian Smartphones

The Stop Smoking Assistant app helps motivate you to stop smoking by timing how long you have managed to refrain from smoking. Look up at any time how well you are doing and compare with your previous best times. Timing is the key. It is only a matter of being able to keep it up until the cravings stop - and if you can visualize your progress, that is already half the battle won.




  • Start a timer and visualize how long you have been going
  • If at first you don't succeed ... just restart at any time , as often as you want
  • View previous best times, and compare your current progress
  • Shows durations in seconds, minutes, hours, days and weeks
  • Shows dates when the durations were achieved

Download Stop Smoking Assistant

Stop Smoking Assistant can be downloaded from the Nokia OVI store with a web browser or using your Nokia Smartphone using the OVI app installed on the phone.


Nokia Touchscreen Phone with Symbian operating system such as:

  • Nokia 5800 XpressMusic*
  • Nokia 5530 XpressMusic*
  • Nokia N8*
  • Nokia E6
  • Nokia E7
  • Nokia C5
  • Nokia C6
  • Nokia C7
  • Nokia N97
  • Nokia N97 mini
  • Nokia 5228
  • Nokia 5230
  • Nokia 5250
  • Nokia X6

* Phones selected for detailed testing.



Stop Smoking Assistant Quick User Guide

Background - Why this Program


The most difficult thing about stopping smoking is getting over that difficult period of typically about two weeks. For some people it is longer, for others shorter. But if one manages to hold off smoking for this difficult phase the chances of lasting success is much better.

Many that have been through this experience report that what they need for motivation is a simpler timer tool always at hand that tells them how long they have managed to hold out. If one has tried before, it is especially motivating to measure one's current attempt against the previous one, and beat the previous best time. If you and a friend decide to give up, you can compare times if you each track it on your mobile devices. The competion can be fun and may be the added ingredient that leads to lasting success.


Getting Started:

When you begin the program (or after resetting it) you are presented with a simple screen with two buttons at the bottom, 'Start Timing' and 'Options'. When you are ready to stop smoking, have your last cigarette and then click the 'Start Timing' button. The starting time is now saved. From now on the screen shows how long it was since your last cigarette. You can now close the application if you wish (by clicking on the X button at the top right of the screen), the start time will not be lost. The next time you enter the program, the same screen will appear showing the updated length of time since your last cigarette.


If you Have to Smoke:

If, after a certain time, you can't hold out any longer and smoke a cigarette, immediately press the button 'Give Up: Stop Timing. Now the screen will show from when to when you managed to refrain from smoking and the length of time achieved. You can compare this with previous best attempts by pressing 'Options' and then selecting 'Best'.


To Make a Renewed Attempt:

You can start another attempt by pressing the button 'Retry: Start Timing' after smoking your last cigarette. Now, again the date is shown when this attempt started, and how long you have managed so far. You can keep on making renewed attempts. Your best (longest) three attempts will be recorded for reference (and to show your friends and family your valiant efforts!)

Options: Best times, Resetting and Help
Pressing the 'Options' button results in a popup window appearing. By selecting 'Best' you can see your best (longest) three attempts, and compare these with your current attempt so far. Note that the scale is not linear. In order to see ones progress early and to meaningfully cover a wider range the scale is 3 hours for the first section, 1 day for the next, then 1 week, 2 weeks.... Press on the 'OK' button to return to the previous screen. By selecting 'Reset' all the times including the best times and the current duration are cleared and reset to 0. The program is thereby reset to the state when it was first installed. By selecting 'Help' this help text is shown.

The i (info) button:

Pressing the i button (top left) shows version information of the program.


Exiting the Program:

To exit the program, press the X at the top right of the screen.

Enjoy the program !


Waiver: This product is used at your own risk. BISoft does not provide any guarantees regarding installation, use or deinstallation of the program. Any losses resulting from errors in the program are born solely by the user.


Last update: August 2011