Descendants of Carl Altmann and Theresia Menzi


Carl Albert Altmann (19.11.1895-05.07.1979) m. Theresia Menzi (02.11.1908 - )
Marie- Luise Altmann m. Peter Fricker
Hansruedi Altmann m. 1) Silvia Egli, 2) Danielle Allemand
Daniela Fricker
Michael Fricker
Marina Fricker
Jasmin Altmann
Cornel Altmann
Pascal-Jérôme Altmann
Nathalie Tabita Altmann


Theresia Menzi was born in Mollis. Apparently Marie-Luise and Peter Fricker did some travelling as two of their offspring were not born in Switzerland (Daniela in Montreal, Canada and Marina in Palo Alto, California. The middle child, Michael was born in Männedorf). The children of Hansruedi were born in Zürich, except Cornel (Männedorf).






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