Descendants of Archibald Brown and May Thorn


Archibald Samuel Brown (1881-1958) m. May Thorn (1888-1966)
Muriel Edith Brown m. 1)Eric Davis 2)Sverre Ness
Gladys Sylvia Brown m. Edward Grigg Armour
Valda Irene Brown m. Frederick Lawrence Wirrell
Norma Brown
Warren John Armour m. Edna Phillips
Judith Anne Armour m. Ross Jack
Bruce Edward Armour m. Linda Rooney
Lynne Denise Wirrel m. Gregory Smith
Graeme Wirrel m. 1) Jennifer?, 2) Joan Swain
John Armour
Giselle Armour
Tracy Jack
Nicholas Jack
Cameron Jack
Jason Armour
David Armour
Nicole Smith m. Scott Waters
Katrina Smith m. Scott ?
Christopher Smith
2) Jo-Anne Wirrel
Tracy Wirrel  




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