Descendants of Matthew Brown and Harriet Powell


Matthew Brown (1842-1934) m. Harriet Powell (1847-1934)
Minnie Brown
Clara Brown
Henry James Brown
Gideon George Brown
Sylvester Samuel Brown
Kathleen Martin
Eileen Martin m. Stanley Vine
John Henry Martin m. Kathleen Faith Turner
Sybil Maud Brown m. Ivor Language
Doreen Edith Benson m. Karl Lawrence Titlestad
Muriel Edith Brown m. 1)Eric Davis 2)Sverre Ness
Gladys Sylvia Brown m. Edward Grigg Armour
Valda Irene Brown m. Frederick Lawrence Wirrell
Norma May Brown
Lawrence Servia Regnier m. Mary Pritchard
Justin Rowland Caney Brown m. Irma Suzanne Eckardt
Dawn Helen Brown


Matthew Brown (27/11/1842-22/4/1934) was three years old when his father, William, died at the age of 50. His mother Phebe lived for another 23 years to die in 1868 at 66. Both (Matthew's parents) died relatively young considering many of their grandchildren would live into their 90's. Matthew was educated and worked in Ilkley as a stonemason until 11th June 1868. He then migrated to South Africa with the Stansfield family to help them build their new home. There he met and married Harriet Powell (18/10/1847) in Durban on 21st October 18??. Harriet Powell's parents were Thomas Powell (1818-?) and Sarah Duckett and she had one sister, Francis.

Matthew and Harriet remained in South Africa where Matthew worked as a stonemason, a builder and briefly a policeman. He worked for the S. African Railways for the latter part of his life. An accident cost him the sight of one eye, and eventually he went completely blind. Mathew died at the ripe old age of 91 while living at 31 Vause Road, Durban. Harriet died 6 months later at the age of 87. They were buried at Stellawood Cemetary in Durban.

Matthew and Harriet's 11 children remained in S. Africa, with the exception of Archibald, who migrated to Australia at the age of 26. Minnie (aged 4), Clara (infant) and Gideon died in their childhood. Sylvester was killed during World War 1 having received the Military cross and 2 bars on 25/4/1918 at Delville Wood. Edith was deputy mayor of Durban, member of the Provincial Council, Member of Parliament, and president of the Child Welfare Society. She and Annie both lived to 96. Henry (Harry), a survivor of Delville Wood, lived to 94. Ella, a music teacher for 70 years lived to 92.



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