Descendants of Benjamin Caney and Ellen Calvert


Benjamin William Caney m. Ellen Calvert
William Harry Caney m. 1) ?, 2) Mary Beatrice Meikle
Frederick Caney
Frederick Benjamin Wilson m. Winifred Tillet
William Winn Wilson m. Kate Elizabeth Hind Wood
Clive Calvert Wilson m. Lucie Augultin
Colin Wilson
Patrick Francis Wilson
Angus Frank Wilson
Lionel Rhodes Caney m. Gladys Lilian Upward
Valerie Ena Caney m. Roy Benoit Carter
Gladys Ellen Caney m. William Grubb Dargie
Benjamin Augustin Caney m. 1) Eileen Myriam Jordan, 2) Johanna Catharina Therond Uys
Madge Violet Caney m. Frank Mason Blunden
Donald Calvert McDonald m. Moira Jameson Downing
Guy Wilson McDonald m. Doreen Harwin
Ivan Chelmsford McDonald m. Mary Caroline Wilson
Valmai Elizabeth Caney m. 1) Frederick Slingsby Mann, 2) Gavin Jack
Vivienne Frank Caney m. 1) Basil Alan Rutherford, 2) John Thomas Morley Erskine


Benjamin Caney founded one of the first jewellery firms in Durban in 1860, the year that the second Prime Minister of Natal, Mr. Harry Escombe landed in Durban, and the year before Benjamin's bride-to-be, Ellen, arrived aboard the "Catherine" (September 1861) from England. Durban had no harbour at the time, and the women were carried ashore by the Zulu's. Ellen was apparrently terrified by the black faces, and had to be carried ashore by the sailers.

Benjamin and Ellen made their home in the top floor of the 3-story West-Street building in which the business was founded and in which their three sons that were to takeover the business were born. This "scyscraper" was later pronounced to be dangerous and the thrid floor removed. In the mid-nineteen hundreds, the property was sold to the Johannesburg Building Society, but the old firm continued its activities in the block, thriving for well over a hundred years.

Ben Caney, a keen yachtsman, took a leading part in Durban's sporting and social life.


The Caney Brothers



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