Descendants of Charles Caney and Helen Phillips


Charles John Caney m. Helen Lydia Phillips
Valerie Ena Caney m. Roy Benoit Carter
Edmund John Rhodes Caney m. 1)Sally Audrey Calder, 2)? , 3)Pat Gurnell
Dawn Helen Brown
Justin Rowland Caney Brown m. Irma Suzanne Eckardt
Glory Sheela Rose Carter m. 1) Johann Mader DeWet, 2)Michael ?
Peter John Burnett Carter m. 1) Carol ? 2) Sally Mackay
Judyth Rosemary Carter
Barrie Christopher Carter
1)Philippa Caney m. James Wilkes
1)Anthony Caney (ad)
Christopher Justin Brown m. Susan Elizabeth Rennie
Heidi Susan Brown m. John Derek Colenbrander
Nicholas Rowland Brown m. Hildegard Hedwig Relling
1)Susan DeWet
1)Jonathan DeWet 1)Paula DeWet
1)Anthony Carter
2)Thomas Carter 2)Catherine Carter


Charles Caney with his brothers Val and Gus, owned one of the first retail jewellery stores in Durban, founded by his father in 1860. Charlie and his brothers were born in the three story building in West Street where the "Caneys" jeweller thrived for over a hundred years, celebrating its Centenary in November 1960. The top story was removed after a time as it was found to sway in the wind and was pronounced dangerous. Charles's wife, Helen was claimed to be the first woman driver in Durban.


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Young Charlie . The Caneys at the Durban Races . Redlands, the Caney home



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