Descendants of William Brown and Phebe Ickeringill


William Brown (1794-1845) m. Phebe Ickeringill (1802-1868)
Mary Brown
Ruth Brown
Phebe Brown
Emma Brown
William Brown
John Brown
William Brown
Eliza Brown

William Brown (27/8/1794 - 17/4/1845) married Phebe Ickeringill (11/10/1802 - 18/9/1868) on 20th March 1825. Phebe was the daughter of Susan Ickeringill (23/5/1776) who was a spinster at the time of Phebe's birth. William and Phebe spent most of their working life in the Ilkley area and had twelve children over a period of 18 years from the birth of Mary in 1826 to James in 1844.

William I (1836) and John (1837) died at birth. Phebe (1833-1887) never married. The marital status of Mary (1826-1856), Ruth (1830-?), Emma (1835-1895), William II (1838-?) and Eliza (1841-1874) are unclear. Anne (1828-?) married William Chadwick, Sarah (?-1905) married George Green, Matthew (27/11/1842-22/4/1934) married Harriet Powell and James (1844-1892) married Hannah Haste.




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