Descendants of Susan Ickeringill and John Parratt


Susan Ickeringill (1776-?) m. John Parratt
Mary Brown
Anne Brown m. William Chadwick Ruth Brown Sarah Brown m. George Green Phebe Brown Emma Brown William Brown John Brown William Brown Eliza Brown James Brown m. Hannah Haste
Annie Brown m. Henry Martin Minnie Brown Clara Brown Frederick Brown m. Maude Harburn Edith Brown m. George Benson Archibald Brown m. May Thorn Henry Brown Gideon Brown Ella Brown m. Victor Regnier Rowland Brian Brown m. Ilfra Merle Caney Sylvester Brown


Susan Ickeringill (23/5/1776) was a spinster at the time of Phebe's birth on 11th October 1802. Three years later, on 22nd September 1805, Susan married John Parratt, who, it was said, was Phebe's father. Susan's parents were William Ickeringill and Anne Beechroft (4/5/1740).

There was an Anne Ickeringill who married John hudson who (John) was born in Ilkley in 9/4/1786. Edward Hudsen, a younger brother of John married an Elizabeth Ickeringill (?-1854) on 17 Oct 1811 in the Church of All Saints, Ilkley. It is feasible that Anne, Elizabeth and Susan were sisters. Elizabeth's Parents were Joseph Ickeringill and Elizabeth Murfit.Elizabeth and Edward produced a son, John Hudsen (20.6.1812-?)

John and Edward's parents were Stephen Hudson (1763), a woolcomber and weaver, and Hannah Stead.who were married in the Church of All Saints, Ilkley, on 1 Jan 1786. More details about the Hudsen family can be found at




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