Descendants of Thomas Powell and Sarah Duckett


Thomas Powell (1813) m. Sarah Duckett (1824)
Francis Powell
Annie Brown m. Henry Martin
Minnie Brown
Clara Brown
Frederick Brown m. Maude Harburn
Edith Brown m. George Benson
Henry Brown
Gideon Brown
Ella Brown m. Victor Regnier
Sylvester Brown
Doreen Benson m. Lorence Titlestad
Muriel Brown m. 1)Eric Davis 2)Sverre Ness
Gladys Brown m. Edward Armour
Valda Brown m. Frederick Wirrell
Norma Brown
Justin Rowland Caney Brown m. Irma Susan Eckardt
Dawn Helen Brown


Thomas Powell and Sarah Duckett were married on the 3rd December 1844.




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